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We've got to say it:
It's something that, maybe, you haven't thought about, but straws are one of the most environmentally unfriendly things in a bar or restaurant.

Since a video appeared on YouTube of a sea turtle having a straw extracted from its nostril, there has been a campaign to highlight the impact that single-use plastic straws have on our planet.

For an item we use for often less than a few minutes – that’s even less time than a single-use carrier bag or a plastic take away cup – plastic straws really do suck.

Each year in the UK we throw away millions of plastic straws. However, they don't biodegrade and can last for hundreds of years in landfill or littering our seas and damaging wildlife.

At the George and Dragon, we are replacing all our straws with biodegradable ones and these will be available on request. But ultimately, we'd also like to encourage our customers to really think - do you actually need a straw with your drink?

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