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Big news at the George and Dragon (bigger than the Antrobus Arms opening this week!!)

We all know the village of Holmes Chapel is pretty historic with all kinds of buried secrets and treasures. Unbelievably, we think we have found one of them.....a tunnel underneath the pub!

We have no idea who built it or how long ago but this amazing bit of excavation runs from the George and Dragon to the centre of the village!

It's a bit dark and we probably won't have the budget to introduce lighting but we will install a rope handrail which should provide safe passage.

We are having it structurally checked out and if all goes well, it will soon provide safe pedestrian access for all!
Antrobus Arms
We open on Friday 6th April but don't all rush over to see us at once! We don't want to overwhelm the staff on their first week but please pop in any time in April - it would be lovely to see you!

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